Recent Projects
Some children participating in the project get adopted. For instance, in the summer of 2015, one family that already had five children (two - adopted and three - biological), decided to adopt two more kids - those that they were hosting.

Helping financially-struggling, socially-unprotected, poor and elderly people is an important part of CCF mission. A
40,000 lb container with humanitarian aid for people in need was sent to Ukraine, the city of Olevsk, in July 2015.

In August and September of 2015, two more containers have been sent out.

CCF is planning to conduct various humanitarian aid projects in the near future, and you can join us in helping make one of them possible. Together we can accomplish a lot!
Packages with clothes for orphans
received in Ukraine.
A container received in Brovary, Ukraine.
Every summer, CCF conducts the hosting project, giving orphan children from Ukraine the opportunity to spend summer time living with families in the United States. This not only allows them to improve essential social skills, such as building new relationships and engaging in team work, but also gives something that is hard to describe in words - the warmth of living in a family environment, something they would have never experienced before they became adults.

Knowing that certain experiences are unattainable to them, children living in orphanages often feel as if they are behind a border impossible to cross.
Their self-esteem is often low because they have been labeled by peers as “orphans”. At their age, 7-18 years old, they are the least likely candidates to ever be adopted; most believe they are unwanted and have no hope of ever knowing life in a real family. Therefore, although the hosting activity is a short-term stay, it can make a very strong positive impact on the emotional health, choices and, consequently, future of these children.

Living in the families, children communicate with their peers, attend interesting attractions, parks and camps together with their host families, and exchange cultural values, among other activities. Throughout their
stay over Christmas holidays or during summer months, most children learn as much English as they would typically learn in 4-5 semesters in their school. This gives pride over their achievement and helps boost their self-esteem tremendously!

In additon, they receive unconditional love and nurturing and are treated members of their host families that will usually maintain contact with them after their return to their orphanage.
This gives them hope. We want all orphans in the world to be happy, to have good parents, those who would give them care, loving attention, warmth and everything they need. We are sure that children who come to the United States for the hosting stay will have a wonderful time that they will remember for many years to come.

Share your heart with an orphaned child this upcoming host season!

A group of orphan children welcomed at the SeaTac Airport.
Summer 2015.
The same project also takes place in Ukraine, where orphans are hosted in local Christian families during the summer.
This is a photo of one of our kids. The photo on the left was taken in the Children’s Home where he lives. The photo on the right was taken by his host family during his stay in America. Pictures speak so clearly of the change this program makes.