Hello, friends!

A few months ago we had the opportunity to bring Nazar, an orphan from Ukraine, for a month to our home in the USA. We
had the great honor to show him the light of Jesus and shower him with love that he craves so much.

Throughout the time he was here, we were able to love him, take him to different places, and introduce him to new friends...
but in return, we learned so many valuable lessons that have changed us forever.

Here are a few excerpts I wrote at that time:

"As they learn their abc's and 123's - I'm learning lessons that will stay with me for life. I'm
learning that love is always the right choice. It is the bandage that mends wounds, the warmth
that melts cold atmosphere. Love transforms pain into joy and hurt into an experience. Love
recreates personality and builds character. It goes into the deepest depths and climbs the
highest man-built walls. Love covers all sin. When I choose to love - I choose to accept,
forgive, and start a blank page (even if I do so a hundred times a day). Love is patient. It is
I'm learning that giving requires sacrifice.
I'm learning that if I ask - heaven sends me supernatural strength and wisdom.
I'm learning that if I seek to please my Jesus - I find an abundance of blessing in return."

"There's a piece of my heart I keep closed because I know I will have to say goodbye soon...
but these moments every night will change me forever. After a full day of events, after we pray
our night prayer and my boys are asleep... he sneaks into our room and asks me to hold his
hand so he can fall asleep. If on his own it takes him up to an hour to fall asleep - when he's
holding my hand he snoozes off in a matter of minutes...... & there I sit, barely keeping myself
together, praying that one day this little guy could have a mommy of his own and even if not,
that he would be confident that our Jesus will never forsake him. I'm thinking of all the little
boys and girls who long for a mama to hold them every night. Friends, please hug your darling
babies a little tighter tonight as you kiss them goodnight and pray for the thousands of orphans
who don't have such a destiny. “Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will
hold me close.” Psalm 27:10

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